Australia vs. Canada

Canadians and Australians share great cultural similarity due to the immigration of the Europeans dated back in the history. They are both independent former colonies of Britain which are still evidenced at the present with their political system. Both countries are large, relatively isolated, have almost around the same number in population and they use the federal system for the government and have Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state.
Their cultures are so similar that only one can tell when they stay long enough to understand the Canadian and Australian culture. Both countries support multiculturalism which contributes to the diverse population. They do share similar work ethics in terms of being well prepared in getting the work done and yet still achieve the work-life balance.
However, due to the demography of Canada and Australia, it has shaped some differences in the culture such as in the way of living. The cultures of the countries are very much influenced by the neighbouring countries, media such as the strong American movies and availability of food ingredients due to the geography. The slight differences can be seen in the language, education, cuisine and sport that are practised by both countries today.

LANGUAGEAustralia’s official language is English with a distinctive accent. The grammar and spelling are very similar to the British English. For Canada, the official language is bilingual which are English and French. In Quebec, the French province mainly speaks French language compared to the English language because the French Canadian has strong cultural identity. Besides English language being the main language of both countries, there is still a small population that speaks their mother tongue language such as Italian, Greek, Chinese and Hindi as a result of multiculturalism.

EDUCATIONIn Australia, all children have to receive eleven years of mandatory education from the age of six to sixteen years old before proceeding to the last two years of high school. The education system in Canada is the same as well but with an extra year of study starting from the age of five instead of six years old. Australia and Canada achieve the same rate of adult literacy at ninety nine per cent and most of the age from twenty five to thirty four has done a post secondary education. The education system for both countries is responsibly managed by its own territories.

CUISINEAustralia’s cuisine is very much influenced by the British and Irish tradition. On top of that, the geography of the country plays a major role in shaping the Australian’s palate such as them being big fans of seafood and kangaroo meat. However, roast dinner, meat pies and fish and chip still remain popular as the English tradition. Nowadays, many Australian restaurants have proposed haute and nouvelle cuisines which produce dishes using contemporary and fusion ingredients often labelled as Modern Australian cuisine. This type of cuisine is becoming more popular due to the trend of television reality show MasterChef is at its hype and the effect of immigration over the years. Nevertheless, the most iconic food of Australia is still the Vegemite which is widely consumed on toast during breakfast. Not to mention, the prominent coffee culture in Australia can even force struggling coffee chain like Starbucks out of the country.
In contrast, Canadian cuisine is closely related to the English, French and American cuisines due to the early wave of immigration of English, French and Europeans. The cuisine in Canada varies according to the province depending on its biggest immigration of population in that region. For example, in the western province of Canada, most of the cuisine is mainly Ukrainians and Polishes food and in Montreal because of the large immigration of Jewish people, the community has developed Montreal-style bagel and Montreal-style smoked meat. The demography of Canada has shaped the food to be unique and it’s only available in the country as a result of sharing the geographical border with America and the French Canadian province.

In terms of sports, by far these two countries share very little similarity. Australians are generally active in various sports such as cricket, rugby, swimming, tennis, footie and cycling. Most of the Australians do enjoy playing sports as their pastime and regularly participate in an organised tournament sporting activity. Nationally, the Melbourne cup horse race has attracted wide interest locally and internationally. It is an annual sporting event that allows spectators to bet on the race horse and is considered as the biggest sporting event of the year in Australia. Swimming is also recognized as the strongest of all the other sports that won many medals in the Olympics.
Withal, ice hockey and lacrosse are very popular sports in Canada. These two sports are mostly played among Canadians. Thus, it is the national sport of the country and the most pleasing audience sport in the country. Aside from that, there are other sports which are popular as well similar to soccer, basketball, cricket and skiing which are usually played by youth and casual players but not commonly played by professional leagues. footy-story.jpg Aus_sport.jpg