Australia’s coffee culture is in its wealth and most of the coffee review magazines claimed that the best cities to have a nice cuppa of coffee would be Melbourne. This is because Melbourne predominantly has a high influx of the European immigrants which are the Italians and Greeks who brought in their coffee culture. The specialty coffee is growing rapidly not until in the 80s when the consumers of coffees are becoming more sophisticated. The atmosphere that is offered by most of the specialty coffee shops is unique, fashionable and peaceful which is one of the reasons on why many business discussions are held in cafes.
On top of that, the cafes in Australia educate their customers on the coffee beans use, fair trade and origin of the coffee beans. It also informs the customers that high quality of products is used to produce high quality coffee. Having a coffee in Australia is not about having the caffeine to kick in but it is more on the experience for the palate. There are a lot of successful specialty cafes that evidenced in Australia especially in Melbourne like Seven Seeds, Brother Baba Budan, Sensory Lab and Market lane which attract young adults who are hipsters and the artsy ones.brother_baba_budan.jpgseven_3.jpgseven_4.jpgauction_room.jpg
However, the Canadians prefer to buy their coffee from chained cafes like Starbucks, JJs, and Tim Hortons. Research shows that they usually drink up to two and a half cups of coffee daily; specialty coffee is not popular among them. They prefer to add sugar and cream into their drip coffees which is the reason why the term “double double” meaning two sugars and two creams are added into the black coffee. In Canada, black coffee is so widely consumed unlike in Australia which is considered as an undrinkable coffee and is of low quality. Plus, they like to drink flavored coffee once in a while such as the iced cappuccino from Tim Hortons whereas in Australia, it is rarely purchased.

Due to the entrenched coffee culture in Australia, Starbucks the American coffee chained café struggle to set its position in the Australian market. As a result, the organization has to shut down its 84 cafes. Indeed, it is very hard to establish chain cafes in Australia as the products and interior are very generic. Instead, it gives a glimpse of commercialization of fast food resembling McDonald’s. If an Australian specialty coffee café is to be established in Toronto, it will definitely be a success as it will serve to cater to a niche of serious coffee lovers and to those who wish to seek for an experience that is more than just a cup of coffee.
With the opening scene of specialty coffee in Toronto, a coffee lover’s craving will be fulfilled and there will be a place for the coffee connoisseurs to appreciate. It can serve to the niche market that is seeking for high quality coffee and a better environment. Customers will be educated on the fair trade and sustainability issues to increase the awareness on how crucial they are.
Besides that, travellers especially the Australians can at least enjoy the specialty cafe that offers a comfort coffee that is able to make one feel comfortable as if one is at home. This leads to globalization as well when other tourists come to visit an Australian specialty coffee cafe but is Canadian based whereby they have the opportunity to experience the Australian coffee culture without even having to be in Australia. Moreover, one of the specialty coffee in Melbourne which is called St. Ali has been established in London and has received wide recognition and success. There is no doubt that by opening a specialty coffee cafe in Toronto, it will be a new setting scene for the Melbournian cafe.