The Place Cafe aims to be a fresh take on the coffee industry within Toronto. We plan to launch a café that is concerned with not only producing excellent tasting coffee, but also one that is interested in the journey of the coffee bean - from ethical and environmentally friendly growing methods to sustainable packaging and new brewing methods.

Melbourne has a growing reputation as one of the great coffee cities in the world, with cafes such as Seven Seeds, St Ali, Market Lane and Dead Man Espresso setting a new benchmark for high quality beverage. This café culture is beginning to move overseas, with St Alis opening their first store in London and Melbournian coffee producers exploring the expanding Chinese market. Melbourne coffee producers are becoming known worldwide as the people to go to for the best coffee!

We believe there is great scope for this business model to take hold in Toronto. Currently, the coffee market is dominated by the double behemoths that are Tim Horton’s and Starbucks. Whilst both chains are hugely successful, the coffee they produce is not of a high quality and does not cater to the tastes of those who seek a more sophisticated cup. Our own experiences in Toronto can testify to the lack of good, ‘Melbourne standard’ coffee within the city. We therefore see an opportunity in the market to open a fresh new café in the same vein as a typical Melbourne café, focusing on an intimate and welcoming space where customers can enjoy a lingering latte or grab a quick espresso on their way to work. We hope to appeal to those who seek not just a quick caffeine fix, but want a quality beverage. The aim is not to directly complete with Tim Horton’s or Starbucks, but rather to bring a bit of Melbourne’s cafe culture to Toronto and kickstart out own small coffee revolution!

Canadians are also a people increasingly concerned with the ethical and environmental implications of their actions. We aim to source our products, particularly our coffee, from growers and producers who embrace our own ethos of environmental protection and sustainability and fair trade practices for growers. We believe Canadians, as a largely liberal nation, will embrace these ideals.

We would aim to set up our first store somewhere in the district of the Kensington Market. This area has a reputation for hosting high quality cafes and would appeal to our target markets, young professionals in their late 20s and 30s.