• The premium quality and fair trade coffee bean we use is our biggest strength.
  • The reputation of Melbourne coffee.
  • 24 hours. There aren't many 24 hours lounge-style coffee shops in Downtown Toronto

  • Lack of experiences of running business in Canada.
  • Lack of knowledge of Canadian consumer behaviours.

  • Canada is recovering from the recession. Multiple fiscal and monetary policy stimulus have been executed. Evidence shows that there is a strong rebound in consumer and business expenditures.
  • Evidences show that in Canada, people care more about ethical responsibility more than other countries.
  • Canadian people are familiar with the concept of Fair Trade

  • Intense local competition. There are hundreds of local small fancy cafés in Toronto downtown area, according to Google Map, there are at least 10 local coffee shop in Kensington Market area, not to mention nearby areas such as Entertainment district, Financial district, Chinatown and University of Toronto, the number of competitors can be three digits, all in walking distance. And most of them do have good coffee.
  • Global economic uncertainty makes Canada’s recovering very fragile.